Ancient Tomb Art Depicts Chuckle Brothers

Egyptologists have begun studying a series of startling hieroglyphics discovered in a previously concealed chamber of an ancient pyramid, which are believed to depict children’s TV comedy duo, the Chuckle Brothers.

The chamber – situated in the Pyramid of the Pharaoh Djoser, 30 kilometres south of Giza in Egypt – has been undisturbed since the 27th Century BC. Despite this, a detailed painting on one of its walls clearly shows an image of the CBBC stars – some 4641 years before the birth of older brother, Barry.

The mural shows the Chuckles – real life brothers Barry and Paul Elliot – carrying a bed, with the accompanying hieroglyphics said to translate loosely as “my side, your side.” Experts believe that this may have been an ancient forerunner to the brothers’ “to me, to you,” catchphrase which helped make their ChuckleVision television series a hit with children all over the UK when it launched in 1987.

Historians across the globe are said to be baffled about the discovery, which they claim throws up a number of questions regarding both Ancient Egyptian culture and the Chuckle Brothers themselves.

“This is going to turn everything we thought we knew about the Third Dynasty period on its head,” said renowned Egyptologist Dr. Mark Lehner. “Finding a new chamber in [the pyramid of] Djoser is incredible enough, but to then discover that the people of that era had even a rudimentary knowledge of Paul and Barry Chuckle challenges all the information we have accumulated to date.”

The Chuckle Brothers: "Will never die."
The Chuckle Brothers: “Will never die.”


Although many theories have been proposed as to how the Chuckle Brothers could have come to be portrayed inside an Egyptian tomb constructed almost three thousand years before the birth of Christ, scientists are unable to reach a consensus.

However, one theory which has begun to gain some support describes the existence of a hypothetical “Chuckle Constant.” This theory states that for the universe to exist, one or both Chuckle Brothers must also exist, and was proposed by Quantum Physics expert, David Deutsch, of Oxford University in a paper published this morning.

“If we are to assume these depictions in Djoser’s tomb are genuine – and there is no reason to doubt their authenticity – then we may reach the conclusion that Paul and Barry Elliot have existed in some form since time began,” wrote Deutsch. “If this is the case then we may conclude two things. 1) That the Chuckle Brothers are several millennia older than they claim, or 2) That upon their deaths, the brothers will be instantly reborn in a cycle which has been repeated since the very dawn of time.”

Added Deutsch: “Either way, we must assume that, in essence, the Chuckle Brothers will never die.”

Paul and Barry Chuckle were unavailable for comment today, due to filming commitments on the 18th series of ChuckleVision for the BBC.

Tomb art photograph provided by ChainDaisy

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