Blockbusters in Big-Budget Hollywood Reboot

‘Blockbusters’, the popular 1980s Bob Holness-hosted teatime quiz, is set to be the the latest in a long line of television shows to be given the Hollywood reboot treatment.

Rights to the show, which pitted two teams of students against one another as they attempted to cross an on-screen board by answering questions correctly, were picked up by production company, Paramount, last month for a reported seven-figure sum.

The big-screen adaptation – reputed to have a budget of over $150 million – is set to be directed by Michael Bay, who will reunite once again with Transformers: Dark of the Moon screenwriter, Ehren Kruger, to bring the story to life.


“What attracted me to the project was that spark, you know? That spark that made the original show great,” said Bay. “It was that disparity, that inherent unfairness of it all – two competitors against one – that really hooked me in. As soon as I heard Paramount got the rights, I was straight on the phone going, ‘I want to make this movie. You have to let me make this fucking movie!'”

While the script is being kept under wraps, a source close to the production revealed the film’s finale will see the protagonist – tipped to be played by Shia LaBeouf – in “a real hot spot” as they face a deadly re-imagining of the original show’s Gold Run.

The role of Bob Holness, who passed away in 2012, will be played by British actor, Tom Hardy, who says he “sometimes used to watch the show” when there was nothing else on.

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