God Saves Dying Child Following Successful Facebook Campaign

The Lord God Almighty has intervened to save the life of a dying newborn child, following a Facebook campaign which saw a photo of the suffering infant gain over 100,000 ‘Likes’ on the social network in less than a day.

Michael Plein was born prematurely in mid-January, and was quickly diagnosed as suffering from parechovirus, a rare condition which can cause severe respiratory problems leading to brain damage and death. There are no vaccines for the condition, and treatments are rarely successful. Michael’s parents, Sofia and Antonio Plein, were warned to brace themselves for the worst.

The Facebook Campaign Image
The Facebook Campaign Image

“It was an impossible time for us, just impossible,” said Antonio (31). “All we could do was stand by the incubator, watching our baby boy get sicker and sicker.”

Someone who wasn’t content to just stand by, however, was Sofia’s aunt, Georgia Swann (62). A devout Christian, Georgia realised that only the power of prayer could save Michael’s life. With help from her call-centre worker son, Rogan (38), she took to Facebook to share a picture of the infant, and to encourage the site’s 1.5 billion active users to click the ‘Like’ button below the image, in the hope of getting God’s attention.

“There are a lot of problems in the world, and we can’t expect God to solve all of them,” Mrs Swann told us. “But I knew if I could get a substantial number of people to click a thumbs up icon on the internet, He’d listen.”

Mrs Swann, who also encouraged people to type the word ‘amen’ in the comments section below the photograph, admits that even she was surprised by how quickly the image spread, with over 20,000 people ‘liking’ the image in the first three hours alone.

Next day, as the number of people liking the image topped 100,000, the Lord God appeared before the Plein family in the form of a burning kidney dialysis machine at USCF Benioff Children’s Hospital in San Francisco, and spake unto them:

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you.”

Added the Lord: “Gain 100,000 or more interactions on a social media platform, and thy wish shall be granted.”

Onlookers then describe the room being filled with ‘a supernatural light’, followed by a sound many have likened to the joyous chorus of a thousand Heavenly trumpets. Minutes later, doctors carried out a series of blood tests and lumbar puncture procedure which showed no traces of parechovirus in Michael’s system.

Mrs Swann has now started a second campaign asking social media users to click ‘Like’ on her getting a new house, but has described the initial response to her request as “disappointing.”

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