Katie Hopkins Revealed as Elaborate Banksy Art Project

Outspoken TV personality, Katie Hopkins, who rose to fame on BBC reality series, The Apprentice, has today been revealed as an elaborate ongoing conceptual art project by British street artist, Banksy.

Hopkins (40) has been a regular feature in the news in recent years with her often cartoonishly-unpleasant views, which have seen her branded Britain’s most hated woman. Despite her immense unpopularity, she has gone on to become one of The Sun newspaper’s highest-paid columnists, and was recently given her own talk show on satellite TV channel, TLC.

Now, however, Hopkins’ creator is putting a stop to what he describes as the ‘conceptual experiment in hatred’, out of fear it may be going too far.

“It all started as a bit of harmless fun,” said Banksy, who recently launched his own theme park in Weston-super-Mare. “I thought it’d be interesting to see how something that looked human – but had absolutely no human empathy or compassion whatsoever – would fare on The Apprentice.”

The artist claims he was “heartened” by Hopkins’ failure to win the show, and believes his decision to continue the experiment beyond this point was, on reflection, a mistake.

“That should have been the end of it,” he told us. “I should have destroyed that abomination there and then.”

Following her exit from the hit BBC show, Hopkins – in reality a rudimentary form of artificial intelligence housed in a latex skin – began to receive interview requests and offers of work from several tabloids and daytime television shows. Keen to see how this would play out, Banksy agreed, but even he was surprised by the bile and vitriol Hopkins spewed out at each appearance.


“She just kept getting worse,” said the visibly shaken artist. “She started on poor people, then fat people, and before I knew what was happening she was wishing death to children fleeing persecution.”

“I was sure she had gone too far, but then the next thing I know she’s being offered her own chat show! She was designed in a workshop to literally be the worst human being alive. Why would anyone want her to host a chat show?”

Added Banksy: “I just don’t understand.”

The now-deactivated Hopkins will be auctioned at Sotheby’s in London in October, although Banksy has stated that he will be removing Hopkins’ plutonium power core prior to the sale, for fear attempts may be made to reactivate her. Despite this, Hopkins is expected to sell for upwards of £3 million, with all proceeds going to charities set up to help Syrian refugees and the clinically obese.

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A better idea would be to have her stuffed and put on display; (mouth stitched up just in case – you never know with Queen Gobshite). Somewhere dark & horrible (Madame Tussauds House of Horrors would do).

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