U2’s Bono Charged with Breaking and Entering

U2 frontman, Bono, has been arrested and charged with breaking and entering in the US state of Arkansas, after allegedly forcing entry to a number of area homes in order to slip new album, “Song of Innocence”, into the homeowners’ CD collections.

The album – the group’s 13th – was released for free last week to all users of Apple’s iTunes, many of whom expressed surprise at discovering several of the Irish band’s songs had automatically downloaded to their phones and iPods without their consent.

It is believed the album was forced upon approximately 7% of the world’s population over the space of just a few hours, but this doesn’t appear to have been enough for often-controversial lead singer, Bono (54).

Since the album first appeared on iTunes, Bono – who was charged under his real name of Paul Hewson – is alleged to have orchestrated a campaign of break-ins across the United States, which saw him illegally gain entry to the residences of hundreds of Android operating system users, who did not automatically receive the free download.

Once inside, Bono is said to have hurriedly secreted a CD copy of the album within the homeowners’ music collection, before leaving the premises and fleeing into the night.


While breaking into the home of one Android user in Little Rock, Arkansas, however, the songwriter and philanthropist was spotted by neighbours as he attempted to jimmy open a downstairs bathroom window. When police arrived on the scene they allegedly caught the “With or Without You” singer red-handed, but not before he’d managed to flush his entire stash of the seven-track album down the toilet.

Bono was arrested at the scene and is currently awaiting a bail hearing at Little Rock City Court. If freed, he will be forbidden from leaving Arkansas state until after his trial, which is expected to take place in November. Should Bono be found guilty, he could face up to nine years imprisonment for each of the eleven counts of breaking and entering with which he has been charged.

U2’s lead guitarist, the Edge, who was also arrested outside the house, has been cautioned for his part in giving Bono “a boosty-up” to the window, but released without charge.

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