US TV Psychic Dies Predicting Trump Future

Celebrated US TV psychic Adeline “Addie” Harris, has suffered a fatal brain hemorrhage live on CBS’ The Late Late Show, after host James Corden asked her to peer into a future in which Republican candidate, Donald Trump, is elected President of the United States.

While initially appearing amused by the request, almost immediately after she began to use her alleged psychic abilities to foresee a Trump presidency, Adeline became visibly agitated, before sobbing uncontrollably for several seconds.

Despite the best efforts of Corden (37) to calm his guest, Mrs Harris then began to thrash violently in her chair, her eyes rolling back in her head as she clawed frantically at the air around her.

Mrs Harris, whose previous predictions include the assassination of John F Kennedy in 1963, and fall of the Twin Towers in 2001, was then seen to briefly levitate out of her chair, her withered limbs bending backwards to the point of breaking.


Corden and members of the crew were forced to retreat as gallon after gallon of a ‘black, bile-like substance’ erupted from the 72-year-old’s nose and mouth in a wide, arcing spray that covered much of the show’s set.

Moments later, a spasming Mrs Harris fell to the floor. Although Corden and some of the show’s other guests, including Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin and actress, Maggie Grave, attempted to resuscitate the celebrated author and TV personality, she was later pronounced dead at the scene.

Mrs Harris – whose final words were “the darkness, the darkness, oh Jesus, the darkness” – is survived by her husband, Frank, and their three children.

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